If you are interested in participating in local research studies, please click on the links below. We make certain that all studies represented are certified by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) and are appropriate for our members. However, Maternal Mental Health Now does not endorse or financially support any of these studies and therefore has no vested interest. Apply to participate at your own risk/benefit.


Cedars NEW 2020 masterbrand logo  The Provide Study: Preeclampsia Research on Vitamin D, Inflammation and Depression


Pepperdine logo   Homes Research Study: Health Outcomes of Moms Exchange on Social Media


eMB logo2D4C5F    Mothers and Babies Online Course: Skills to Manage How You Feel During and After Pregnancy


SaybrookUnivLogo   Saybrook University: How Mothers Remember Postpartum Depression

Merced Research Study University of California, Merced: Food Needs Assessment