Join us for our second evening of stories about new motherhood. 

6:30pm on Tuesday, June 5th at the Garry Marshall Theater.  

The Speak Up When You’re Down Story Hour will highlight the GOOD, BAD, UGLY AND EVEN HUMOROUS STRUGGLE OF MOTHERHOOD. One hundred percent of the proceeds of the event will be used to support the Maternal Mental Health NOW’s training, public awareness and advocacy activities.  Wine, Snacks, Stories and Good Company!


AngelinaSpicerResized     Angelina Spicer, Comedian, Creator, Activist
Jen Seifert Jennifer Seifert, Certified Life Coach, Actress, Writer
Laura G Laura Gutin Peterson, Writer, Producer, Black-ish Paulina  Paulina Lopez, Restauranteur & Co-Host of Super Mamas Podcast
JenniferKindhouse  Jennifer Kindhouse, Actress, Writer, Blogger DSC 9652r      Nicole Blaines, Comedienne
MeridithMerchant     Meridith Merchant, Psychologist  RotatedAnnieJonoLacma     Annie Korzen


Tickets: $60

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June 5, 2018

6:30 pm

Wine, Snacks, Stories